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7 Tips on a health, balanced positive life

#7TipsForHappyLife is an easy collection of ideas that can help you live a happier life.

In the fast paced society of today, It has become increasingly difficult to be able to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are always running from one task to the next without taking the time to just breath and be present in the moment. Let us look at some things that can be done to increase a healthy, balanced, and positive lifestyle.

Love yourself like you love others, or others may love you

1. You are what you eat:

The first step to a healthier, more positive life is a healthy diet. A healthy diet can improve mental health. The journey can start through the cooking of your own food. Food that you create yourself tends to be healthier as it contains fresher, more nutrient rich ingredients. It also enables makes us become present in the activity of eating, as well as forcing the individual to become more active.

2. Be open with yourself:

Living a positive life requires an openness, honesty and willingness to explore. It is important to find what you are is good at, or to understand what will make sense to try. E.g. if you dislike gyms, then find an activity that is active and allows you to enjoy it. Never feel forced doing something because you think it is correct, rather look for a suitable alternative.

3. Become more active:

Physically activity is essential to a positive and balanced life. Technologies like pedometers can assist you to walk more often, assisting to make the choice to walk to the store. One can always join a society that is active by nature. They include, but not limited to, dancing, yoga, hiking, walking, or running. This is an easy way to become physically active while also providing the space to be in a community or group and feel part of something, which makes the activity feel less like work, and more fun.

4. Be present:

Create time to be present in your life. When you walk to the shop, take the time to look at the environment that you are walking through, and not your phone. When you speak to someone, listen to hear and not just respond. Just do one thing at a time, and rather make lists of things to do, and do everything with 100% capacity rather and not divided attention.

5. Me time:

Remember to make time for you. Take about 30 minutes a day for yourself. In this time, read, journal, or do mindfulness exercises, take a bath, drink a cup of tea on your own, take a walk or practice a hobby. Make this time reflection time for you to just catch up with yourself and reflect on the day. Breathing room. You can also use this time to celebrate the good times or the little life victories and acknowledge the difficult times.

6. No man is an island

Spend time with others. If you are an introverted person and struggle to connect to people, set a goal to spend time with people every week, or even a certain amount of people each week. Have a coffee with friends, or people you just met. Remain present and pursue the connections. Try not to put too much emphasis on where it is going, but rather as an opportunity to just connect to other people. Try not to make the interactions with other people about getting something in return.

"Be imperfect, and beautiful at the same time"

7. Self-love:

In difficult times, try to be able to be open, and honest with yourself, accept yourself as a human, imperfect, but beautiful. When your emotions are difficult and you struggle to get through the challenging times, seek out support. This can be from friends, family or professionals. When you are able to lean on others, others may lean on you. It's not about having to solve their problems, but rather give them a space where they can just talk about things that is weighing them down.

All this sounds very easy, but it will only work if you work at it.

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